Imagine that, the Moderna Jab is being Paused. I guess people are finding out what the real purpose for the jab is.

People are finally realizing the jab is to depopulate the world. There is literally no other reason for this jab not with a disease that has a 99.98 percent recovery rate, if you are below 80 years of age.

The threats posed from this disease are actually minimal when you are allowed to be administered certain drug regiments. You know the ones that the MSM, CDC, Pharmicists, and other have denied doctors with threat of license revoking if they used such drugs. They didn’t allow the drugs to be used so they can push these jabs onto people with the EUA from the CDC.

This disease was purposely created in order to gain power in countries especially the US. The evidence is there Fauci lied to congress about his funding. The Wuhan Lab did have live bats in captivity. The lab also lied about their research stating we did not ever do gain of function. There is more information out there you need to look for it.

The jab is indeed a population control mechanism. Keep in mind what the World Economic Forum and the UN had plans for called Agenda 21 and the Great Reset. Look those two plans up. If you are a crafty searcher you will be able to find them on the UN site itself.

Read the below article for additional information on why the Scandinavian countries are pausing the Moderna Jab. Also read our other article on this.

Finland joins Sweden and Denmark in limiting Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

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