Stuff You May Have MissedStuff You May Have Missed
Brazilians Demonstrate by the Millions
If you are a Brit here is a way to not get the vax
It is all fake folks Listen to this guy talk about the bribes
Lie after lie stating hospitals are over run
Big Pharma killing presidents of countries to force the vax and make more money I mean sheckles
The UN is here taking over places and making a presence. Why do you think they are here think the New World Order
Tyranny like never seen before in the US
Protect the children from people like her (she was fired)
Irish police are kidnapping a man from his house because he is sick no other reason
Great info to stop mandatory vax in the military
Wasting oil after Biden killed the pipe deal why do you think?
The lumber shortage was and is a fares. This is from 4 months ago
Election fraud and treason already caught a bunch now more to come

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