Trying to figure out what Biden is saying is like trying to read the future by looking at chicken bones tossed on the ground in a voodoo ritual. Here he seems to want us to know that his butt has been wiped:

The Washington press corps may have finally found a way to make itself useful. Or maybe the wiping is Kamala’s job — something to keep her busy while she conspicuously does nothing to restrict the ongoing massive invasion of our Southern border. Biden’s remark was in response to a question about using reconciliation to ram through amnesty for illegal aliens.

Afterward, Biden got slightly more coherent and said, “There needs to be a pathway to citizenship; whether it needs to be in immigration remains to be seen.” Everyone in the Third World already knows that the millions upon millions allowed to sneak into the country will get amnesty — unless they have made Democrats look bad by escaping from communist Cuba.

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By Jaz McKay

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