Stuff You May Have MissedStuff You May Have Missed

There is so much information out there everyone needs to know. People need to realize how bad the central bank is. How bad the Demonrats are. How bad the Establishment (Deep State) really is and how entrenched they are in literally everything.

We all should know by now the new MSM has not been trustworthy since the 80’s. Decades of swamp gathering and power hungry politicians made this giant mess we are in. Much of the blame is on us citizens because we allowed these people to continue to get away with literally anything.

There are politicians that have been in their position for 40 50 years and have done literally nothing to help their constituents. How the hell do these people keep getting reelected? Why are these people not in jail for much of what they have done?

Please visit all the links below for information you may have missed. This is usually done on a Saturday but since there is so much to know I figured a mid week update is needed.

‘He had a death grip on her’: Witnesses rush to help female San Francisco officer being brutally attacked

Arizona Sheriff Describes How the Border Has Changed Under Biden

Fauci no longer confident COVID-19 emerged naturally

Chicago: Nearly 100 accused murderers awaiting trial released on electronic monitoring instead of being held in jail

[VIDEO] Look How Clarence Thomas Turns Tables On This Unsuspecting TMZ Reporter…What a Legend

Seven out of eight rioters who destroyed 152-year-old obelisk to receive no jail thanks to ‘restorative justice’

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