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Black Lives Matter Terrorize Asian Nail Salon

Mike Huckabee joke claiming to ‘identify’ as Chinese stirs controversy

Keith Olbermann Has Completely Lost His Mind…

Yeah, I know it happened a LONG time ago, but it’s even more evident now than in the past.

Iowa Governor Signs Constitutional Carry Into Law…

Via QCTimes:

DES MOINES – Gov. Kim Reynolds has signed legislation to eliminate a requirement that Iowans obtain a permit to acquire or carry handguns and loosen other state restrictions.

House File 756 “protects the Second Amendment rights of Iowa’s law-abiding citizens while still preventing the sale of firearms to criminals and other dangerous individuals,” the governor said in a statement Friday afternoon.

The law also takes “greater steps to inform law enforcement about an individual’s mental illness helping ensure firearms don’t end up in the wrong hands,” she said.

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Drudge Calls Capitol Attacker “Brother”…

What in the flyin’ flippidy f**k?

Capitol Hill Attacker: U.S. Government The Enemy Of ALL Black People…

No evidence of terrorism tho…

Via Yahoo News:

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The man, who carried out a vehicle attack at the US Capitol killing a police office, was identified as 25-year-old Noah Green from Indiana. Noah Green was shot dead by law enforcement officers after the attack.

According to local media reports, now-removed Facebook and Instagram accounts of Green suggest he was an adherent of the Nation of Islam sect, which has been denounced by mainstream Muslims.

He also posted about Satan and called the US government “enemy no 1” of Black people. US Capitol Update: Police Officer William Evans Killed After Car Rams Barricade in Capitol Complex, Suspect Shot Dead.

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White House Says Are Bipartisan Even If GOP Doesn’t Vote For Them…

Via The Hill:

The White House wants to change how people perceive bipartisanship, arguing that if they put forward proposals that are backed by Republicans and independents, they should be seen as bipartisan even if GOP lawmakers in Washington don’t vote for them.

The effort took shape as Democrats approved a massive and broadly popular $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure with zero GOP support, and continues as the party increasingly looks poised to move another $2.25 trillion infrastructure measure through Congress just with Democratic votes.

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Police In England Break Up A Good Friday Mass…

Black Woman: I Am Fat Because Racism Made Me Fat…

You CAN’T make this shit up!

Facebook Scrubs All Mention Of Capitol Hill Attacker Off Site…

He’s black so it doesn’t fit the narrative they want to advance.

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Via TPM:

As reported by The Post Millennial, Green was a Nation of Islam devotee who recently lost his job and had posted about needing spiritual guidance. He also wrote posts stating his belief that the government was conducting mind control experiments on him.
“To be honest, these past few years have been tough, and these past few months have been tougher,” Green wrote in a now-deleted post. “I have been tried with some of the biggest, unimaginable tests in my life. I am currently now unemployed, after I left my job, partly due to afflictions.”

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Vaccine Passports Are A Threat To American Civil Liberties…

I for one can not wait till I can file my first lawsuit against whatever company denies me whatever service. Oh BOY!

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Via TheFederalist:

With the advent of the deceptively named “vaccine passport” concept, coronavirus vaccines have quickly turned from savior hailed by an American populace desperate for a return to some semblance of normalcy into a cudgel with which to beat the vaccine heterodox into submission.

Add the relentless desire for Big Tech to collect all data it can suck into a rapacious corporate maw to be digested into more profits and more power over our lives, and you have a perfect storm of tyranny.

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VIDEO: Commie Protester Falls Off The Side Of Chase Manhattan Bank HQ During “Protest”

Antifa trying to climb the corporate ladder. LOL, I sure hope that hurt like hell.

CDC Director Lied, What A Shock…

Georgia On Their Mind: MLB Moving All-Star Game From Atlanta To Another City Over New Election Law…

Good. Don’t come back.

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Major League Baseball announced Friday that it is moving the 2021 All-Star Game and 2021 draft out of Atlanta in protest of a new Georgia law that has raised concerns about its potential to disproportionately disenfranchise minority voters.

In a statement, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the league is “finalizing a new host city and details about these events will be announced shortly.”

A source told ESPN that the All-Star Game is still planned for Los Angeles in 2022 and won’t be moved up to fill the void this summer.

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CDC Changes Its Mind Less Than 24 Hours After Saying Vaccinated People Can’t Spread COVID…

Via NY Post:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has walked back the claim made by its director that vaccinated people don’t carry the coronavirus.

CDC chief Rochelle Walensky said earlier this week that “vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick.”

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But the health agency clarified the statement Thursday, saying “the evidence isn’t clear” and that Walensky was “speaking broadly.”

“It’s possible that some people who are fully vaccinated could get COVID-19,” a CDC spokesperson told the New York Times. “The evidence isn’t clear whether they can spread the virus to others. We are continuing to evaluate the evidence.”

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DC Deploying National Guard To Capitol…Again

AOC: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah…

Yabba dabba Duh!

NPR Forced To Issue Correction On Claim That U.S. Intelligence Discredited Hunter Biden Laptop Story…

Via Washington Examiner:

NPR issued a correction on Thursday to a book review that claimed U.S. intelligence discredited the story surrounding a laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden.

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Revised now is a line in the review of the upcoming memoir, Beautiful Things: A Memoir, which details the 51-year-old’s battle with drug addiction. Where it once said the laptop story was “discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations,” has been replaced with a line that says: “Numerous news organizations cast doubt on the credibility of the laptop story.”

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Coughing Or Sneezing In Public Is Now A Pain In The Butt…

As someone who suffers from allergies and chronic bronchitis, and I smoke so…yeah …I can’t tell you how many dirty looks I get. COVID has become a religion almost.

Via Study Finds:

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Did you think coughing or sneezing in public was a social non-no before the pandemic? A new study finds people are even more mortified to do it now. Over half of Americans say they feel judged when they have to sneeze in public, even when they’re masking up.

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Rioter Freed Twice By Kamala Harris Backed ‘Bail Fund’ Faces Federal Gun Charges…

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