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Professor Who Refused School Order on Transgender Student’s Pronouns Wins in Court

Professor Nicholas Meriwether at Shawnee State University

Our TOP STORY is a prime example of our websites main message, EVIL IS POWERLESS WHEN THE GOOD ARE FEARLESS. This means when you are wronged and you’ve been harmed you MUST stand up and push back. When you do, you will win. When evil is confronted by good people evil loses every time. Read this story and share it on your social media and let freedom ring!

Via New York Post

An Ohio college professor who resisted his school’s orders to go along with transgender students’ preferred pronouns has won his First Amendment case before a federal appeals court.

In a unanimous ruling, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that Shawnee State University violated Prof. Nicholas Meriwether’s rights of free speech and free exercise of religion by punishing him for resisting school rules that forced him to address students in the terms of their choosing.

Meriwether, a philosophy professor and devout Christian, sued Shawnee State, claiming that its mandate to use terms that conflict with biology infringed on his religious belief that gender is fixed from the moment of conception.

The court’s decision, written by a judge appointed to the bench by President Trump and issued Friday, upheld Meriwether’s argument.

“The First Amendment interests are especially strong here because Meriwether’s speech also relates to his core religious and philosophical beliefs,” Judge Amul Thapar wrote in a 32-page decision.“If professors lacked free-speech protections when teaching, a university would wield alarming power to compel ideological conformity,” add Thapar — who was widely seen last year as a contender for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the US Supreme Court.

Meriwether, a 25-year member of the Shawnee State faculty, was reprimanded in 2016 after a transgender student complained that he used of “Mr.” instead of “Ms.” when responding to the student in class. The ruling clears the way for the professor to pursue a lawsuit seeking damages.

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Gas Station Customer Brings A Gun To A Knife Robbery, Gets Free Breakfast

US gun and ammunition sales surge ahead of election | Financial Times

Via Daily Caller

An Alaska man stopped an armed robbery at a gas station Friday by pointing his pistol at the suspect.

Nick Moore, the patron, was waiting in line at the Holiday gas station while buying his breakfast when the suspect, 17, walked in with a knife, KTVF reported.

Moore told KTVF he had an “inkling” of what was about to transpire. The suspect then told employees he was going to rob the store, the local news outlet reported.

“I put my stuff on the counter, snuck out the door, ran to my car, grabbed my pistol and came back up to the door,” Moore told KTVF. “He just turned to look at me. I racked my slide on my pistol and pointed it at him and he put his hands up.”

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FBI Stats Reveal Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – Three to One to be Exact, Media Silent

Via The DC Patriot

Well you’ve read the headline America, so where is the faux outrage from those in the media and the radical left? It’s crickets right? Why, because they have a mission to get gun control in America so they will never have to relinquish power again. It’s been their M.O. for decades now.

The recent shootings in Atlanta (The shooter was addicted to porn and blamed the massage parlors on his killings and temptations for sex, not race. Please Note: He also murdered two white people.) and of course Boulder, Colorado. That story in Colorado has all but disappeared now that it has been revealed that the shooter was a Syrian Muslim immigrant with social media posts talking badly about President Trump, and of course anyone who disagrees with his faith.

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Mob Of Teens On Bikes Chase Down A Man And Beat Him In Broad Daylight In Miami…

White supremacist youth running wild in the streets of……… Oh, wait, umm never mind.

Cuomo Now Being Investigated Over $4 Million Book Deal Celebrating His Pandemic Leadership, Janice Dean Calls It ‘Disgusting’

Via Political Insider

Fox News meteorologist and author Janice Dean slammed Governor Andrew Cuomo after reports surfaced that he may have received upwards of $4 million for a book he wrote celebrating his leadership during the pandemic.

The matter is apparently being investigated by the State Assembly.

“This is disgusting,” Dean tweeted. “4 million dollars for his horrid book.”

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New evidence reveals Ahmaud Arbery claimed to be a ‘jogger’ as an alibi for criminal activity

Via The Post

New evidence introduced in the criminal case against the father and son in Georgia accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery show that Arbery had a history of claiming to be a jogger to cover for his criminal activities.

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Media claims study shows that Florida undercounted COVID deaths by thousands. Here’s what the study actually says.

Surprise: Many reporters can’t read

Via The Blaze

In their never-ending quest to discredit Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who is widely considered to be one of the front-runners for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, the media have attempted to paint DeSantis’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic as incompetent and reckless. There’s only one problem: By any objective measure, Florida has performed better than states (like New York and California) whose governors have been widely praised for their handling of COVID-19, even though Florida has a more vulnerable population.

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New COVID Rules For UK Mean Everyone Who Comes To A Pub Must Sign In With Their Name/Address…

Via The Sun:

The new rule – for when boozers open up their gardens for the first time in months on April 12 – means every single customer must now sign in on entry.

This is a huge change from last year, when just one member of a group could sign in post-Covid lockdown.

Also, pubs might not be able to take payment inside, according to trade bodies UKHospitality (UKH), the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and the British Institute of Innkeepers (BII).

They’ve written to Boris Johnson over fears that landlords will be hit with “an inability to not able to take payments indoors at reopening”.

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Is This Some Kind Of A Cult? The Michigan Governor Has A Pillow With Fauci’s Face On It In Her Bedroom…

Biden Wants To Vaccinate Illegal Aliens Against COVID…

Via NY Post:

President Biden is in favor of providing COVID-19 vaccines to immigrants regardless of their legal status, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday.

Asked during her daily press briefing about a push in Florida to waive a residency requirement for inoculation, Psaki said the president supports getting vaccines into as many arms as possible.

“The more people who are vaccinated, whether they’re undocumented or not, the safer we are as a country, and that’s certainly the president’s point of view,” said Psaki.

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Whoops! CNN Slipped Up…

Olympic Committee Encourages Athletes To Kneel During U.S. National Anthem…

They’ll be allowed to demonstrate how evil and repressive the United States is by disrespecting the USA on a world stage. Gee, I wonder if China’s team will be doing that sort of thing?

Via NY Post:

Team USA hopefuls at the Olympic trials will be allowed to raise their fists and kneel during the national anthem, officials have announced.

The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee said this week that athletes will not be sanctioned for participating in certain racial and social protests while competing for spots on the team, despite longstanding bans against protests at the official games.

In a nine-page document released Tuesday, the committee said that permitted forms of demonstration include holding up a fist, kneeling during the anthem and wearing hats or face masks with phrases such as “Black Lives Matter” or words such as “equality” or “justice.”

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BREAKING: Video Shows Ukrainian Tanks On The Move To Combat Russia…

White House Defends Tax Increases On Businesses After Year-Long Lockdown…

Via NY Post:

The White House said Thursday that the administration believes businesses that benefited from former President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts can “bear the brunt” of paying for President Biden’s nearly $2 trillion infrastructure package, despite the strain of rolling lockdowns over the last year.

Asked about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s comments in opposition to the president’s plan, that Republicans back infrastructure but not the taxes that come with it, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said businesses can handle the proposed 7 percentage point hike in the corporate tax rate.

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Sarah Palin Says People Should Wear Masks…

The left is still going to hate you Sarah.

Via People:

Sarah Palin has tested positive for COVID-19, and she’s urging others to continue taking the pandemic seriously.

The former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee-turned-TV personality confirms in a statement to PEOPLE that she contracted the coronavirus as did some of her family members, including 12-year-old son Trig.

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Coca-Cola Requires ID To Enter Shareholder Meetings, But They Don’t Think You Should Have One To Vote…

Via Slate:

Shortly after a group of Black business executives called on corporate America to do more in pushing back against restrictive voting bills making their way through state legislatures, a handful of Georgia’s highest-profile companies took stronger public stands against the state’s recently passed voting law.

The state is home to a host of America’s biggest companies—including Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, and Aflac—all of which are facing criticism for not being more vocal in opposition to the Georgia voting bill, which was signed into law last week after weeks of winding its way through the state Legislature. On Wednesday, two of the state’s biggest companies, Delta and Coca-Cola, issued more forceful denunciations of the new law.

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AP Claims Biden Has 61% Approval Rating…

Via AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans are broadly supportive of President Joe Biden’s early handling of the coronavirus pandemic, a new poll finds, and approval of his stewardship of the economy has ticked up following passage of a sprawling $1.9 trillion relief bill.

But Americans are more critical of Biden’s early approach to some of the hot-button issues that are moving to the forefront, including guns and immigration, according to the survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The president has outlined goals for tackling both issues but has made clear that they are not his immediate legislative priorities.

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VIDEO: Liberals Pushing For Safety Certification On Buildings To Inform Customers/Residents The Building Has No COVID Positive People…

I’ve been wondering WTF this is all about.

Yup, it’s for real……

New Footage Shows What Texas Border Facility Looks Like On Inside…

Man Accused Of Trying to Break INTO A Prison…

Not a lot of people are stupid enough to break INTO a prison…

Via NY Post:

A South Carolina teen was nabbed trying to break into a prison — to deliver backpacks full of booze, weed, cellphones and other contraband, officials said.

Nathaniel Jose Perez, 19, was found between an inner and outer fence Wednesday at the Tyger River Correctional Institution in Enoree, news station WHNS reported.

State correctional officials said that large hole had been cut into the fence, and pieces of his clothes were stuck in the razor wire.

Perez — who was bleeding from razor wire cuts — had four backpacks with him filled with marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, cellphones, and other items, authorities said.

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Mass Shooting Leaves 4 Dead In California, America’s Most Gun Controlled State…

I doubt this one won’t be called a ‘white supremacists terror attack’ either.

Police: Gunman knew victims in California mass shooting | KMPH
Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez, a 44-year-old Fullerton, Calif., man who is the suspect in a shooting that occurred inside a counseling business in Orange, Calif.

Via CBS:

At least four people, including a child, were killed Wednesday evening in a shooting at a business complex in Orange, California, CBS Los Angeles reports. The suspect was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound and was in critical condition.

A woman wounded by gunfire was also hospitalized in critical condition.

The Orange Police Department responded to reports of shots fired at around 5:30 p.m, Lieutenant Jennifer Amat said during a late night news conference. Authorities are expected to hold a news conference with more details later Thursday.

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Mexican Smugglers Drop Two Children Over The Border Wall…

Via DailyMail:

Cameras set up along the border caught the moment two smugglers dropped the children from the roughly 14-foot high border barrier under the cover of darkness.

An adult was seen on the Mexico side dangling the first child over the US side before letting go, leaving her to fall to the ground below.

The smuggler repeats this with the second child before they are seen instantly running away from the area with another smuggler back into Mexico.

The CBP said the children were left vulnerable to the desert elements on the ground but were luckily spotted by the camera operator who alerted Santa Teresa agents.

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Biden White House Moves To Reshape Role Of Capitalism…

PHOTOS: The many faces and moods of Joe Biden | The World from PRX

Via The Hill:

The White House is pushing an infrastructure bill that could reshape the discussion around capitalism as it seems to reestablish the federal government as a primary driver of how the economy should grow and function.

In addition to traditional infrastructure projects, Biden’s $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan would make government investments in broadband, electric vehicles, climate change, elderly care, child benefits, housing and developing future technologies.

It would redefine classic infrastructure projects to include investments in workers and families paid for by tax hikes on corporations.

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Hiden Video Shows Illegal Aliens Being Held At A CBP Facility Under A Bridge…

I’ll betcha’ the media would be pretty upset over this if Trump had done it.

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