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Lincoln Project Has Received Over $30 Million In Free Advertising From MSM Since John Weaver Scandal Broke…


Ben Franklin’s Name Scrubbed Off Tacoma Park…

Via DailyWire:

The Metro Parks Tacoma Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Monday to boot Ben Franklin from a public park in central Tacoma, replacing him with Rosa Franklin, Washington state’s first African American state senator.

Franklin Park, which has occupied approximately 20 acres in central Tacoma since the 1930s, will technically not be changing its name, since both the founding father and the former state senator share a last name, according to The News Tribune.

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Biden Press Sec Called Out For Hypocrisy On Border Migrant Detention Facilities…

Via Newsbusters:

A day after struggling with questions about embattled OMB Director nominee Neera Tanden, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki found herself being torched Tuesday by Fox News’s Peter Doocy about the administration’s immigration policies and specifically the reopening of a detention center both President Biden and Vice President Harris derided as an abomination under the Trump regime.

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Lindsey Graham: Path To GOP Victory In 2022 Is To ‘Get Behind Trump’…

Yup, this is 100% spot on.

GRAHAM: “Number one, he will position himself as the alternative to Joe Biden. I think he will make a speech that will unify Republicans on policy. I think he’s been working the phones. I was with him all weekend. He wants us to win in 2022. And stay tuned. I think you will see, over the next couple of months, Donald Trump lead the Republican Party on policy and give us the energy we need to take back the House and the Senate. The Democrats are doing their part. If we can get behind President Trump and follow his lead, we will win in 2022. If we argue with ourselves, we are going to lose. There is no reason to lose.”

House Democrats Target Newsmax, Fox News for De-platforming From Cable

See the source image

I wrote about this in an article on this website two weeks ago called HAS NEWSMAX SOLD OUT? I addressed how Newsmax was back pedaling on the voter fraud stories. Remember when they say “dangerous misinformation” don’t forget what these same Democrats have done with Covid to destroy our economy in order to take down President Trump.

Via Newsmax

Democrats are waging an assault on the First Amendment, with two Democrat House lawmakers demanding answers from cable television providers on the role they play in the “spread of dangerous misinformation.”

The letter, signed by Reps. Anna Eshoo, D-Calif., and Jerry McNerney, D-Calif., and released to the press Monday, targets only conservative-leaning outlets, including Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN.

On Wednesday, the House subcommittee on Communications and Technology of the Committee on Energy and Commerce is scheduled to hold a hearing on disinformation and extremism in media.

Cable service companies such as Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, Dish, Verizon, Cox, and Altice all received the same letter on Monday pressing for answers on policies related to the spread of disinformation, rumors, and conspiracy theories on networks they carry.

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What Kind of Bully Harasses Nuns? Xavier Becerra, That’s Who.

This asshole should apologize and withdraw his nomination.

Via National Review

Getting embroiled in litigation with nuns usually isn’t an item anyone wants on his résumé.

This is a rule of thumb, though, that doesn’t apply to California attorney general Xavier Becerra, who went out of his way to target an exemption for the Little Sisters of the Poor. His litigation is still caught up in the courts even after it got rebuked by the U.S. Supreme Court last year.

Becerra, Joe Biden’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary, chose to pursue this litigation even though it is completely meritless; even though it would, if successful, punish nuns who simply want to carry out their calling to care for the indigent elderly; and even though only ideological zealots intolerant of moral views different from their own can take any pleasure in its continuation.

There will be a lot of material for Becerra’s opponents to work with during his confirmation hearing on Tuesday, but this litigation, on its own, should be disqualifying.

It is an act of performative illiberalism that should be rejected by all people of good will who want to live in a society where nuns — living out their faith — can give succor to the vulnerable without the federal government harassing them to violate their deeply held beliefs.

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May be an image of 1 person, drink and text that says 'It's ok to be Chite'

Now They Want To Ban The Movie Grease?

John Travolta posing for the camera: "The message is pure misogyny," one user said.

Dear God make it stop.

Via Some Stupid Website

Social media users are calling to ban the iconic 1970s hit film ‘Grease’, condemning it for being “sexist”, “homophobic”, and “s-ut-shaming”.

A Boxing Day viewing of the film on BBC1 sparked outrage online, with many Twitter users calling the film out-dated.

“Grease is on. It really has a terrible message doesn’t it?” one user said.

“Sorry but “Grease” sucks on so many levels. No plot. Nothing interesting happens. And the message is pure misogyny,” said another.

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Ammo Manufacturer Refuses To Sell To Anyone Who Voted For Joe Biteme: ‘Are we serious? Yes, we are serious.’

Via Law Enforcement Today

Fenix Ammunition, a family-owned ammunition producer based in Michigan, has enacted a policy of not selling to Biden voters.

When a shopper visits Fenix’s website, a popup prevents the would-be buyer from accessing the site unless they answer “No” to the question, “Did you vote for Joe Biden?”

A “Yes” answer directs the shopper to Biden’s so-called “gun safety” page on his platform website.

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‘It’s Like Gangster Stuff’: More New York Politicians Accuse Cuomo Of Threatening Behavior

FBI, US Attorney probing Cuomo's nursing home death scandal

This guy’s a fuckin’ thug and it’s about time he went down!

Via Forbes

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces a growing number of allegations he and his subordinates routinely threaten critics, with two New York politicians – a former Democratic congressional candidate and a Republican ex-rival of Cuomo’s – recounting to Forbes their hostile experiences with the governor’s staff.

Nate McMurray, a two-time House candidate in Western New York, told Forbes that after criticizing Cuomo for plans to attend a Buffalo Bills game, he received a call from a Cuomo aide on New Years Eve that began “you motherf***er,” before devolving into threats like “you’re done in politics.”

McMurray said he took down his tweet after the call because he was “scared” and looking for a job after his run, adding that he’s heard from people in both Cuomo’s staff and the New York legislature about a “pervasive culture of fear that has trickled down from his office.”

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CocaColaHatesWhitePeople | Know Your Meme

Biden HHS Nominee Advocates For Child Sex Change


Joe Biteme’s puppet master’s have nominated a female impersonator named Rachel Levine to be the Assistant Secretary of Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. Being a female impersonator apparently makes his nomination “historic” or something.

However to most of us Mr. Levine is best known for taking his own mother out of a nursing home in Pennsylvania from fear she might die because of the policy he was implementing by forcing those nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients, the same policy that has rightfully led to the ongoing downfall of New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

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Romney Admits What We Already Know, Trump Will Win Nomination In 2024 If He Runs Again…

WATCH: Mitt Romney heckled with chants of 'traitor' amid flight to DC |  KAMR -

Via Bloomberg:

Republican Mitt Romney said Donald Trump likely would win the GOP presidential nomination if he decided to run again in 2024.

The Utah senator, the only Republican who voted to convict Trump in both of his impeachment trials, said he expects the former president will continue to play a big role in the Republican Party even though he was voted out of office.

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Meghan McCain Says Neera Tanden Punched A Reporter…

Via DailyCaller:

Meghan McCain said Tuesday that a few ill-advised tweets were not the only reason to disqualify Office of Management and Budget nominee Neera Tanden.

McCain said that Tanden did not “belong” in President Joe Biden’s administration, noting that in addition to the tweets in question, Tanden had gotten physical with a reporter who asked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the Iraq war.

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May be an image of drink and text that says 'Hey, Coca Cola I don't know how to be "less white," but I do know how to drink less Coke.'

McConnell Says He’ll Support Garland For Attorney General…

Mitch McConnell marks his turf at top of Republican heap | Newsday

Via Politico:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will support Merrick Garland’s nomination for attorney general, five years after blocking the judge’s path to the Supreme Court.

“I do,” McConnell told POLITICO Tuesday afternoon when asked if he plans to back Garland. The Kentucky Republican did not elaborate on his decision.

In 2016, McConnell, who was Senate Majority Leader at the time, declined to consider Garland’s nomination by then-President Barack Obama to fill the vacancy left by the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. McConnell argued that the future of the high court seat was for the American people to decide, given that it was a presidential election year and the White House and Senate were controlled by different parties.

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5 Members Of ERCOT Resign Over Texas Blackouts…

Via Texas Tribune:

Five board members of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas — the entity that manages and operates the electricity grid that covers much of Texas — will resign on Wednesday, according to a notice to the Public Utility Commission. A sixth has withdrawn his application to the board.

All six live outside of Texas.

Sally Talberg, board chair; Peter Cramton, vice chair; Terry Bulger, finance and audit chair; and Raymond Hepper, human resources and governance committee chair, occupy the “unaffiliated” director positions on the board, which mean they must remain independent of any business ERCOT oversees. Their resignations will be effective at the end of the board’s Wednesday meeting.

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Grand Jury Votes Not To Indict Officers For Killing Rochester Man…

Don’t worry – there won’t be any rioting, black lives don’t matter now that Biden is president.

Via CNN:

A grand jury voted not to indict any officers in the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man who died after police pinned him to the ground in March, New York Attorney General Leticia James said Tuesday.

“Daniel Prude was in the throes of a mental health crisis and what he needed was compassion, care, and help from trained professionals. Tragically, he received none of those things,” James said in a statement. “We concluded that there was sufficient evidence surrounding Mr. Prude’s death to warrant presenting the case to a grand jury, and we presented the most comprehensive case possible.

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Every Lie The Left Told About DeSantis Was Actually True Of Cuomo…

Governor Andrew Cuomo to allow New York nursing home visits as controversy  continues - ABC7 New York

Via NY Post:

Throughout the pandemic, the media have been excoriatingly harsh on a governor who was slow to act, unnecessarily endangered the lives of the elderly, alienated experts and cooked the numbers.

They just thought the governor in question was Florida’s Ron DeSantis, rather than New York’s Andrew Cuomo.

After it has become clear that Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic was not just criminal in the metaphorical sense, but perhaps in the literal sense, the press has begun, only reluctantly and belatedly, to abandon its long-running Cuomo hagiography.

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Think-Tank Fellow Says China Death Camps Are Right-Wing Propaganda…

Via FreeBeacon:

A fellow at the Quincy Institute said the charge that China is committing genocide is a “far-right” talking point, the latest pro-China comment from an isolationist think tank with a history of downplaying China’s threat to the United States.

China’s horrendous treatment of its Uighur Muslim population has led to bipartisan agreement that the Chinese government is committing genocide against the ethnic minority group. Almost no one in the West buys China’s denials—except for Joshua Landis, a nonresident fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft who cited an article from a conspiratorial, far-left website to cast doubt on the genocide designation in a now-deleted Saturday tweet.

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Black Only News Channel Looks To Shake Up News…

Via WSJ:

Black News Channel has expanded its reach more than 20-fold in about seven months, part of its new chief executive’s ambitious plan to shake up the cable-TV news landscape and provide an alternative that looks through the lens of Black Americans.

Since he took over the channel last July, Chief Executive Princell Hair has struck distribution deals with Comcast Corp.’s Xfinity, AT&T Inc.’s DirecTV, Dish Network Corp. and others, boosting its potential audience to more than 52 million households from roughly 2.5 million.

Mr. Hair also led a revamp of the network’s lineup, signing high-profile commentators Charles Blow and Marc Lamont Hill, whose shows will provide coverage and analysis the network’s executives and newscasters believe Black Americans aren’t getting anywhere else.

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Chrissy Teigen Tweets Profanity Laced Rant After Biden* Unfollows Her…

I thought that was coca cola : memes

Janet Yellen Says She’s Open To Increasing Corporate Taxes…

Stupid woke suckers like Coke and Nike begged to lose their own money. Dummy’s..

Via DailyMail:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen signaled the administration is open to new corporate taxes but dismissed the idea of a ‘wealth levy,’ saying President Joe Biden opposes it.

Yellen said Biden favors boosting taxes on companies and could raise rates on capital gains, noting the idea was ‘worth considering.’

The administration is looking to boost the corporate tax to 28 per cent, Yellen noted.

But she ruled out a wealth tax – an idea favored by progressives.

‘A wealth tax has been discussed but is not something President Biden’ favors, Yellen said at a virtual Dealbook/DC Policy Project conference Monday hosted by the New York Times.

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Debate Heats Up Over Vaccinating People With Just One Shot Instead Of Two…

These morons can’t even decide if people should be vaccinated once or twice.

Via The Hill:

Debate is intensifying over the idea of accelerating the U.S. vaccination campaign by giving people just one dose instead of two for the time being.

The approach, which has the backing of some prominent experts, could essentially double the country’s vaccine supply in the short term. It has also gained ground in recent days after new research on the effectiveness of receiving only one dose, with a second dose planned for a few months down the line when supply shortages ease.

As a more infectious variant gains ground, and roughly 2,000 people die from the coronavirus each day, the clock is ticking to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

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Coca-Cola staff told in online training seminar 'try to be less white' -  Album on Imgur

Slate Suspends Podcast Host After Debate Over “N-Word”

Via The Wrap:

Slate has indefinitely suspended Mike Pesca, host of the popular podcast “The Gist,” pending an investigation into his workplace behavior stemming from an internal debate over the use of the n-word by white people.

According to Defector, which first reported Pesca’s suspension, the action stemmed from comments Pesca made last week during a conversation about former New York Times reporter Donald McNeil, who resigned after he was accused of using the n-word and making sexist and racist comments in front of a group of high school students on a 2019 trip to Peru.

However, Slate told TheWrap that this incident was not the sole basis for Pesca’s suspension.

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Merrick Garland Defends DOJ Appointee Who Said Blacks Were Superior To Whites…

Via Fox News:

Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland defended Kristen Clarke, the attorney tapped to lead the Justice Department’s civil rights division, during a heated exchange with Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, at his confirmation hearing on Monday.

Clarke, Biden’s nominee to serve as assistant attorney general for civil rights, drew scrutiny in recent weeks over a resurfaced 1994 letter she co-authored to the Harvard Crimson. Clarke presented the letter as a denouncement of findings in the controversial book called “The Bell Curve,” which suggested that intelligence was linked to genetics and environmental factors.

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Georgia May Be The First State To Impose Term Limits On Its Senators…

Not only yeah! But HELL YEAH!

Via US News:

Georgia voters could get a chance to limit state lawmakers to 12 years per chamber and extend state senators’ terms to four years from two under a constitutional amendment advancing in the Senate.

The Senate Government Oversight Committee voted to approve Senate Resolution 37, sending it to the full Senate for more debate. Before it could be added to the state constitution, two-thirds of both the House and Senate would have to approve and voters statewide would have to ratify it.

The measure would also impose a two-term limit on the lieutenant governor’s office. Republican Lt. Gov Geoff Duncan has said he favors such a move, saying the post should carry the same eight-year maximum as Georgia’s governor gets.

“We should come down here and do our work and accomplish our work and have it be a season of life as opposed to, perhaps, the entire book of our life,” the measure’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Greg Dolezal of Cumming, said during a hearing earlier this month.

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Coke : Memes_Of_The_Dank

Ex-Clinton Advisor Naomi Wolf Says America Will Become A Totalitarian Nightmare State Under Joe Biteme…

Lockdowns will never end. Joe will use them to keep himself and the elites protected from the people they “rule”

Via Fox News:

America is becoming a “totalitarian state before our eyes” under President Biden’s leadership, feminist author and former Democratic adviser Naomi Wolf told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday.

Wolf, who served as an adviser on Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign in 1996, told host Tucker Carlson that in her view, the United States is swiftly “moving into a coup situation, a police state” as a result of Biden’s ongoing coronavirus-related economic shutdowns. Wolf added that she believes the orders are being improperly extended under the “guise of a real medical pandemic.”

“That is not a partisan thing,” Wolf told Carlson. “That transcends everything that you and I might disagree or agree on. That should bring together left and right to protect our Constitution.”

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Newsweek: It’s Time To Impeach Andrew Cuomo…

Via Newsweek:

By now, much of the world has seen New York’s Emmy-award winning governor and “COVID-19 hero” Andrew Cuomo come under fire for New York’s growing nursing home scandal. A March 25 directive forcing nursing homes to take in patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 led to the spread of the disease among New York’s most vulnerable population. And then, to cover his tracks, the Governor may have obstructed justice by suppressing life and death data from the Department of Justice; his office underestimated the number of nursing home deaths by up to fifty percent.

These actions, which Cuomo’s aid Melissa DeRosa admitted to in a call with Democratic lawmakers that I was on, implicated all of us in the governor’s cover-up. It would be the first of multiple attempts to do so.

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I'm going to get flamed for this one I'm sure : memes

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