In this ‘Conspiracy Theory of Everything’ type exposé on the Illuminati, Gnosticism and Luciferian beliefs I reveal for the first time the hidden and zealously guarded religious beliefs of the Elites. I begin by outlining their basic beliefs about Dualism and the Great Work and what all these doctrines entail.


0:00 – IntroductionIntroduction

4:13 – Explaining Dualism & GnosticismExplaining Dualism & Gnosticism

17:29 – Dualism in Movies & Games Dualism in Movies & Games

37:46 – Dualism in Masonry, Culture, & the Occult Dualism in Masonry, Culture, & the Occult

59:39 – Dualistic Psy-Ops Dualistic Psy-Ops

1:11:33 – Critiquing Illuminati Doctrine
Critiquing Illuminati Doctrine

1:31:25 – The Alternative to DualismThe Alternative to Dualism

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