During this full interview, Dr. Walter Daugherity, breaks down how no state to date has independently examined the source code for the machines used in our elections.

Daugherity details his analysis of cast vote records, which is the only record that shows the sequence of votes to see if impossible patterns exist, and reveals how the underlying software design for Dominion, ES&S, and many other election vendors is the same. What is evidenced in Daugherity’s analysis is a PID (proportional integral derivative) controlled algorithm that selects candidates in predictive fashion. One of the more shocking revelations in the interview was Daugherity’s finding of 35,000 votes being added to vote totals of democrat candidates up and down the ballot in Arizona, and digitally spread out in controlled fashion to avoid detection.

The interview shows how the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a private entity, funded by radical leftist group Democracy Fund and directed by the globalist Atlantic Council, indirectly controls the Albert Sensor network. The network monitors all election data realtime, and CIS is able to share all private information of government county workers to their shadow NGO partners because CIS’s contracts force all states to waive their rights to privacy. Daugherity explains how the Albert Sensors exist behind county firewalls, but still provide a two-way interface where the Department of Homeland Security or other bad actor can access the software and machines to do unspeakable damage. For example, electronic pollbooks that are supposedly protected behind its county firewall, were remotely accessed in Dallas county, with hundreds of fraudulent voters being checked in that weren’t physically present at the polling location.

Daugherity concludes the interview detailing how Dominion tabulators in Maricopa were configured to not detect counterfeit ballots submitted in the 2020 election, most of which were printed on illegal paper sourced from Staples and Office Max.

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