Operation Spring Cleaning: Three Day Operation Produces 24 Arrests of Men in Child Sex Sting Operation

“Why do we believe he’s drugging her?
—— He sends an image, a picture of NyQuil in a cup”

“Any images on his Facebook?”
—— there’s like child erotica… images of him pulling his granddaughters panties to the side….”

  • Operation “Spring Cleaning” targeted adults seeking to sexually exploit children and victims of sex trafficking, using undercover agents and detectives posing as minors on various social media platforms and websites commonly used by predators.
  • Sacramento County Sheriff announced the arrests of 24 men, including a San Jose Fire Department captain and a Sunday school teacher.
    —— Some reports indicate some of the men were Identified as Illegal.
  • Men were expecting to meet with Children for sex as young as 10 years old
  • The criminal charges the suspects face include contacting a minor with an intent for sex, sending harmful material to a child, arranging to meet with a minor for sex and meeting a child for sexual purposes, attempting to commit lewd acts with a child under the age of 14, attempting to commit lewd acts with a minor using force or fear and attempting to produce child pornography.

Keep an eye on your kids. These people are out there.

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