Pedophile GroomingPedophile Grooming

We told you a few wears back that they were going to normalize pedophilia. These people are sick and their agenda and narratives are even sicker. They all need executed with no one spared for any reason. Who the F#CK want to harm a child like this let alone make it so other people are fine with it happening right in front of them. They have done it already with crime. I person could be robbed right in front of them and they do absolutely nothing about it. There could be a dozen people with the number to over power the situation and they still do nothing.

And now the National Library of Medicine is putting articles out there attempting to push the idea that pedophilia is not a bad thing but something natural. This is not going to happen. This better not happen. These same sick bastards pushed for more lenient sentences for people that harm children. This is why it is so prevalent now at these days. The really horrible acts are still kept secret and hidden from everyone by threat of a most horrible death. But if it were me I would tell the whole world and dam the consequences. These people need to be stopped and stopped forever.

Look at what they pushed as “normal” the permanent mutilation of children all in the name of some sort of happening in the child. You know the whole transgender movement pushed on the parents and children at all ages of childhood. This is utter sickness and abhorrent ideas and behaviors. I say again these people need to be executed for their crimes against humanity.

Humanizing Pedophilia as Stigma Reduction: A Large-Scale Intervention Study

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