‘All Lies Will Be Exposed’: Katt Williams Warned Celebrities Involved in Sex Trafficking Will ‘Catch Hell in 2024’

by Jamie White
March 25th 2024, 5:50 pm

Did comedian predict Diddy’s downfall?

Comedian Katt Williams went off on celebrities caught up in the dark underworld of sex trafficking, claiming in January that 2024 will be the year when they face justice.

In an interview on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Williams described how he’d been gathering intel on his celebrity cohorts involved in shady activities like sex trafficking and predicted that 2024 would be when truth comes to light.

“It’s God’s side and the other side. We don’t care nothing about the other side. These big d**k deviants is all catching hell in 2024,” Williams predicted.

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“All of these big d**k deviants is all catching hell in 2024. It’s up for all Williams invoked the names of P. Diddy and pastor T.D. Jakes during his tirade, claiming, “It’s up for all of them. It don’t matter if you Diddy, or whoever you is, T.D. Jakes, any of them. All lies will be exposed. That’s all.”of them. It don’t matter if you Diddy, or whoever you is…All lies will be exposed…In 30 years, I’ve done… pic.twitter.com/vyUkf1a7pJ

— Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) March 25, 2024

“And anyone who takes it the wrong way, know why they take it the wrong way. The truth is the light,” he added.

He went on to explain how he had been “blackballed” in the entertainment industry, claiming he’d been gathering information on his colleagues for near three decades.

“Because in 30 years, I’ve done nothing but collect information, knowledge and your secrets….I know so many things I shouldn’t know, and they all know it,” he said.

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