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The most interesting thing is that such a simple technique normalizes blood pressure and relieves headaches at all times. So we recommend this method.

🔹 50 ml of water heated to 60-70 degrees, 2 tsp. without the top of the salt and a wide cheesecloth. Dissolve the salt in water to get an 8% solution.

🔹 While the solution is cooling, prepare the bandage. To do this, fold the gauze in 8 layers so that the width of the bandage corresponds to the width of the forehead and the length to the circumference of the head. Quickly wash the forehead, ears and back of the head with warm water. After that, dip the bandage in saline, and, slightly squeezing it, tie it around the head.

🔹 To fix the compress on the head, use a cotton towel or cloth. After that, you need to lie down and hold the bandage until the pain disappears completely. In general, the compress can be kept for up to 15 hours.

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