How Amazon paid the DOD to purchase living humans to use as servers to store data instead of computer servers – because human bodies are faster than using computer servers via an adhock bio-electrically connected network using the biofield / human aura.

The DOD have named themself as the vendors of the human body / bio-system and you are already being used for data storage.

If you are feeling chronically fatigued, suffering from insomnia, brain fog, it’s likely you’ve already been sold to a mega company for data storage under the umbrella of Precision AI Health Care, aka the UN’s ‘One Health’.

C0nv1d was essentially a digital virus spread through people’s biospheres. Thats why it’s never been isolated. It was part of the ‘cyber backbone’ that Sabrina Wallace talks about, which was to aid the implementation of AI hybrid transhumanism via the Internet Of Behaviours, Bodies And Things, using the biofield as the wireless router.

Whatever happened to informed consent?

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