Look at those CLEAN breaks. When a metal is stretched and pulled and such it does not cleanly break like that at all. And it was cut at the strategic connections. Totally clean. There should be stretched metal, twisted metal mangled metal at those break areas. But what you see is perfectly straight clean edges. This was a true false flag people wake up.

The image with the arrows is less resolution than the one below it. Check it out for yourself when you watch the video. First most people have no idea how many backup systems are on these ships. This gargantuan 900 plus footer had at least a triple back system for all major components for running the ship. Triple power generation, triple thruster power back up, triple everything. There is literally no way this could have happened. This is a clear inside job or worse a cyber attach. I don’t know how I can stress this people.

The way the bridge collapsed and where it was hit should have allowed it to just plop onto the deck of the ship. This 900 footer will absolutely hold the bridge. It should have fell onto the deck, held there for a bit and then fell or just stayed there. As a coach for young engineers we go through build bridges out of balsa and see how much they can hold. If the bridge broke apart at those pointed out locations this means the bridge was going to fall down in days or just after a wind storm. This is crap and you know deep down. False flag written all over this. It stinks of deep state maneuvers. Sick people for sure.

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