James Okeefe

Jason Beck (He/Him) is the Associate Director at the Office of the Secretariat of Defense

On Camera he says…

  • He wants to Tear down the border wall
  • He wants to have wide open borders
  • Repeal the second amendment and confiscate all the guns away
  • He suggests removing the electoral college
  • He suggests establishing a state monopoly on violence
  • He suggests abolishing the senate
  • He suggest packing the Supreme Court
  • He writes the answers for high level officials at Congressional Posture Hearings

He also talked about Erik Prince, the leader of Blackwater.
— He’s Betsy Devos’s brother
— He runs companies like mercenaries and “they do bad things”.
— he speaks about private contracts from the pentagon, with Blackwater and Jason is trying to “get policies in place” to not use companies like Blackwater anymore.
— James then talks about the good work that Erik Prince is doing with a cell phone company called Unplugged. (Sounded like James was doing an ad for Erik tbh… but sounds good though).

He then Takes him back to his “place” and lays out rose peddles on the floor, and reveals to him that he’s James O’Keefe….


What if….

Since James O’Keefe asks all the time for Whistleblowers to come Forward….

These are in fact whistleblowers, just spilling the beans a different way?

Nahhhhh… I’m probably way off.

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