The WAR on Christmas continues in this episode. We take a look at the 33+ Year Rivalry between Joe Biden and Clarence Thomas. From his Senate Confirmation Hearing in 1991 to present day happenings regarding the Supreme Court, there is surely no love loss between the two.

Speaking of Supreme Court, we have the Brunson Brothers who are bringing forward their landmark case against all those who violated their Oath of Office. Was this a chess piece Thomas and the rest of the Supreme Court needed to hold off the Deep State? Reminds me of the Trial of Eric Bischoff overseen by Judge Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

We take a look at a mysterious Secret Service Agent who was embedded with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This person seems to be real comfy around President Trump. Edward X Young also makes his 4VKM debut as he helps us generate some JFK Jr spirit so we can get Santa’s Sleigh flying off the ground again.

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