• 2023– US Customs and Border Protection recorded 2.5 million instances of illegals trying to enter the US—— The Fastest growing among them are Chinese Migrants
  • 2023– 37,000 Chinese Illegals were apprehended crossing illegally into the US—— That is 50x MORE than 2021.
  • Some are traveling upwards to 40 days and went through multiple countries.. Thailand, Morocco, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua
  • Smugglers could be seen dropping them off in 30 minute repetitions over and over
  • Many of the Chinese illegals will end up asking for political asylum. Many of them are middle class.
  • Many flew from China to Ecuador because they don’t require VISA’s
  • All the Chinese illegals were using TikTok to give them step-by-step instructions on how to make the trip, how to hire smugglers, and detailed directions where to cross.
  • Illegals are driven to a detention facility and typically within 72 hours, they are all let into the United States… and can begin the process for filing an asylum claim.
  • The land all of these illegals come and wait in on is owned by a private land owner named Jerry Schuster…
    — Illegals are constantly leaving trash and cutting down his trees for fire.
    — when he confronted the illegals and asked them to stop, they surrounded him. He went home and fired a gun in the air to scare them.

They arrested Jerry.

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