Big Mike AKA Michelle Obama


In 1992, A Real Communist Party USA Meeting Was Held At UC Berkeley. Many Of The Attendees Ended Up Working In The Barack Obama Administration

Their Goal “Use the environmental movement to take down the free enterprise system in America.”

The World Economic Forum is currently having their meeting in Davos to use the environment movement to seize complete power and take down the free enterprise system in America. Obama is a “Global Leader of The WEF”… Coincidence?

“Back in 1992, uh, an older friend of my father who was from Saint Louis asked me to go to this meeting that the Communist Party USA was having at the University of California Berkeley. And he had studied communism and written books about communism back in the sixties and stuff. And he was curious Because if you remember back in 1989, the Berlin Wall had come down, and everyone was saying communism is dead. It’s over. Then in 91 in December, the Soviet Union dissolved.

And so this is 6 months later, the summer of 92, and the Communist Party USA is having a meeting. So he asked me to go out to this meeting. He said, would you go out there and just see what they’re talking about? Because we we won. This thing’s over.

And so I went to that. And for 3 days, I sat there in breakout sessions and lectures and and listened to these hardcore communists. And and one thing shocking about it too, I thought it’d be college radical since it was at Berkeley, so I dressed like a college radical with some radical t shirt on it. I walk into the autumn the auditorium, there’s 14 or 1500, 50, 60, and 70 year olds with briefcases. And I thought, woah.

This is actually serious. It’s not just some radicals. And many of those exact people, as I researched them later, ended up being in Obama’s cabinet in 2008.

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