Tucker Carlson

We don’t need to guess about what happened on January 6th. It was one of the most videotaped events in human history. A new documentary proves that most of what you’ve heard about that day is a lie.

I have a friend and he knows I am a patriot and have sent him things to dispel his idiotic comments. He does not make stupid comments about things anymore. He knows I will school his ass over and over again. But he asked me bluntly why am I not going just two days before the setup. I told him it was a setup. He was shocked and didn’t speak a word for like 30 seconds. I think he knew it was a setup lol. Yeah he is Jewish just to let your guesses come true. I have sent him shit to shame him from all sorts of stupidity. We are still friends and even grab a beer every once in a while. I was invited to his after his second wedding party at his new house. I was one of only 5 or so people that were not Jewish invited to his shindig. So you know we are still friends. He respects my forwardness and directness and my knowledge, no matter how he tries to paint me on occasion.

Well here ya go more evidence it was a setup up. I posted a ton of evidence about this setup just a few days after it happened. I still keep posting even more videos and information as I get them. Just look back in history. When it first happened I posted videos under the articles of “You might have missed this”. I posted a literal ton of videos under that category. Just go back in history and look. Well I gabbed enough lol here is a Tucker Video with yet more evidence.

Oh yeah and you got this as well, Biden’s DOJ dropped all charges against the armed antifas at J6.

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