RAND Corp: Wargames (Drop 1 of 4)

In these drops are a selection of the Wargames reports and tools, RAND Corporation runs for, not only the US military, but also it’s NATO allies too.

1) Artificial intelligence for wargaming and modeling

2) Adaptive Engagement for Undergoverned Spaces: Concepts, Challenges and Prospects, for New Approaches.

3) Acquiring a Mosaic Force: Issues, Options, and Trade-Offs

4) Modeling Rapidly Composable, Heterogeneous and Fractionated Forces: Findings on Mosaic Warfare from an Agent-Based Model

5) Influencing Adversary States: Quelling Perfect Storms

6) An Experiment in Tactical Wargaming with Platforms Enabled by Artificial Intelligence

7) Distributed Kill Chains: Drawing Insights for Mosaic Warfare, from the Immune System and from the Navy

8) Opportunities for Including the Information Environment in U.S. Marine Corps Wargames

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