I worked for an exploration company on the North Slope of Alaska for two years. On of the geologists I worked with told me that petroleum is not a fossil fuel, it’s a mineral oil. It comes from the great reactor known as our earths core. He said that millions of tons of space dust fall on the earth every day. Imagine a balloon that you are constantly adding a wee bit of air to it. It’s going to expand and grow. All of that “dust” is in the form of elemental matter, meaning one atom in size that hasn’t yet bonded with it’s own or other atoms. At that scale of minuteness, that matter simply is absorbed by the earth like water into a sponge. Which makes the sponge swell. The earth is slowly expanding, it’s size isn’t fixed for eternity and never has been. Both the Atlantic AND Pacific oceans are spreading open wider and wider as the earth absorbs atomic matter. Imagine that same balloon with the continents drawn on the skin of the balloon. As you add more “air/dust/atoms” the balloons skin stretches and the continents drawn on it appear to move farther apart. As the atomic matter slips past consolidated matter toward the earths core it gets heated and crushed until it bonds with other atomic matter creating all the elements on the periodic table. Water, gold, lead, petroleum, you name it, it’s all created at earths core. Depending on it’s weight determines how fast it rises to the surface. Oil being lighter than water, rises quicker. Gold being much heavier than water rises much slower. The earth will NEVER run out of any element, ever. Petroleum is just a consolidation of various elements into the substance we call petroleum oil. When we pump a well dry and cap it, then come back 40 years later it’s replenished to one degree or another. It’s not because oil leeched in from the side, but rather, from below. Rising up on an express elevator of water. He also said, don’t ever let anyone tell you that we are running out of fresh water. There’s more of that than petroleum oil. The only hydrocarbon FUEL that is in common use that really does come from decaying organic material is coal. That is the only one that is finite. And the U.S. has 2000+ years worth of easily reachable coal, and that’s with today’s technology.

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