The first clue is the attack on a Mosque by Masonic looking B-2 bombers. This is symbolic of another false flag event, as US aircraft once again strike on their own soil.

The Mosque bears a striking resemblance to the Google image of one based in Las Vegas.

The Mosque is stood on the back of a spearmint coloured Rhino. The Spearmint Rhino just happens to be a strip club based in Las Vegas. The STRIP club being symbolic of the Las Vegas STRIP.

The Superbowl is hosted by the Raiders franchise, which relocated to Las Vegas from it’s Oakland base in 2020.

Oakland’s Bay Bridge appears, with nearby Silicon Valley being represented by computer towers disguised as tower blocks.

Vegas (610m) sits at a much higher elevation than Oakland (13m). This is clearly seen as the road spirals up towards the Mosque.

This reveals Oakland’s “Road to Vegas”.

The bombing scene is followed by Superbowl symbolism that’s related to current events.

The Palestinian woman depicts the Lombardi Trophy in black and silver, the colours of Last Vegas Raiders.

As she grieves for her son, the chemical bottle moves across the base of the explosion, giving the impression of a chemical weapon.

I therefore find it interesting that Hamas and chemical weapons are suddenly being talked about.

The boy’s injured right eye being symbolic of the Raiders eye patch.

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