Child Trafficking

Why are these people not in the deepest darkest whole being tortured for the rest of their sick demonic days?!?!?!!?????!!!!!?? They KNEW they were pushing sex trafficking material. Why is this company still a company? Why is this site not shut the hell down by now? Why is there not other investigations into the people that took these videos and posted them? Why is there nothing else done about this? So many questions. We should see tons of people going to jail, the site taken down permanently, and more repercussion beside a fine! This means if you get big enough and caught doing these things you can just pay the fine and move along. WTF!!! I cannot type more because I am so angry I want to puke. This is outrageous and abhorrent.

Pornhub Parent Company Admits to Receiving Proceeds of Sex Trafficking and Agrees to Three-Year Monitor

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