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#10 – Natural immunity proves to be seven times more protective than vaccinated immunity.

#9 – Business Insider theorizes what happens if Donald Trump dies.

#8 – UK data unveils alarming increase in cancer deaths among young people.

#7 – Native American group sues NFL team owner over Redskins name change.

#6 – Tucker Carlson warns the upcoming year will be particularly chaotic, unlike anything the country has gone through.

#5 – Police officer convicted of killing George Floyd gets stabbed in Federal prison following the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear his appeal.

#4 – Pfizer ‘knowingly distributed’ adulterated drugs to children, according to unsealed legal action.

#3 – Populist wave sweeps across the Netherlands. Voters choose to “get their country back.”

#2 – Moderna gets caught spying on your vaccine discussions online.

#1 – Javier Milei stuns the world in landslide victory as Argentina’s next president, a triumph propelled by his continual humiliation of liberal ideology.

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