Appellate Court Reinstates Governor Kathy Hochul’s Power to Enforce Quarantine Camps

What does this Mean?

“What that means is that the Department of Health and Governor Hochul are open to reissuing that regulation, which means they reinstitute their isolation and Quarentine procedures regulation, which a judge struck down last year.

So if they can reissue that now, that means it’s going to be a valid regulation that’s enforceable by the Dept. Of Health, the Governor, Attorney General…

In addition, It allows the Dept. of Health to pick and choose which New Yorkers they can lockup or lockdown without any proof that you’re sick, without any proof you’ve been exposed to a communicable disease.

There’s no time limit, so they could lock you up or lock you down for days, or weeks, or months. There’s no location restrictions.

They can put you in any facility they want… they can either lock you down in your house, remove you from your house with the force of Police, and put you in a facility or detention center etc..

And once you are locked up or locked down, there’s no procedure in this regulation that says how you get out of quarantine once you’re in there.

When a judge asked how people get out— Well, they can hire a lawyer and sue us.” 🤯

These people are evil and they’re showing the true motive behind the Plandemic….

The Longer they hold onto the Covid narrative and Quarantine camps, the more people they are forcing to wake up. These people are stupid.

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