I wanted to share this video because so many of our citizens that are cheering on Israel are the same ones that were screaming they wanted these same people tried in a court of law and thrown in prison for the pandemic for killing our family members, destroying the middle class and heading the largest distribution of wealth in history.

What am I taking about? Did everyone suddenly forget the entire head of the CDC and I mean everyone, has duel citizenship to Israel?

The Jew part doesn’t matter to me. The Israeli citizen part certainly does. That rat fuck Fauci had a hand in all of this but he was Israel’s perfect fall guy. A Jesuit.

And the same ones that want to believe babies were baked in ovens, getting outraged about those fake stories have no problem that the babies aborted here in the US AND Israeli’s open abortion policies killing babies everyday to help make those vaccines.

Does any honest American think citizens of foreign countries should control us this much?

No. The veil is being lifted.

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