Vatican Middle of Key To TopVatican Middle of Key To Top

OMG the awful feeling to know your sister was murdered for some ungodly reason is weighing on you. You push hard enough pull all the string you can to find her killer. Where in the fact she was most likely Satanically sacrificed by the Vatican for one of their rituals which he may have been part of. But since their religion states that they must tell you what they did or what they are about to do to escape the bad karma they show you many of the tombs at the Vatican are fucking plain lies. Bull shit to push an agenda. Wake up folks you have been lied to for your whole life about everything in history.

There are so many deep lies it would be impossible to count them in one lifetime. So stop and smell what they have been shoveling on you for your whole life. These people are sick satan worshipers that desire nothing more than power and your death. Wake up foks it is true and has been true for a very long time.

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