A YouTube comedian is now doing more high-quality journalism discussing the questions surrounding 9/11 than the entire mainstream media industrial complex.
This is an incredible breakdown of all the egregiously questionable things that occurred on that day by New York fire commissioner Chris Gioia which includes:
-Building 7 controlled demolition
-The thick steel beams of the Twin Towers and how no steel frame building has collapsed before or since 9/11
-Thermitic material in the dust samples in the aftermath
-The Pentagon not having solid footage of the plane hitting that day
-Firefighters claiming a bomb went off
-Building seven is not in the 9/11 commission report
-Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset
-The Bush family was doing business deals with Bin Laden’s brother the same week the towers were hit
-They flew out Bin Laden’s family was flown out of the country despite no air traffic being allowed
-Iraq and Libya oil reserves and Bush’s connection to oil
And more.

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