There are fishy horrible and disgusting things going on here people. The children on Maui were told to go home. Did they ever reach their home? Where are they now? How many people really died on Maui? Why were DEWs used on the island. We have the proof see attached article below. No we hove the Leprosy problem coming from the vaxxed.

Now they are taking the children away from the people being stranded on this island for a disease that is perfectly curable. These children on Maui and from these families are surely being sold into slavery and disappearing. I have not heard a peep from anyone looking for them. After all the needs must be served by these sick pedo bastards. You cut off an addicts way of getting the very thing they are addicted to they will find ways to get their fix no matter who or what it hurts.

  1. We discovered that those suffering from Leprosy…and sent to Molokai’s “leprosy colony”…had THEIR CHILDREN TAKEN FROM THEM!!
    Those children were then sent to “adoption agencies.” This is exactly what they did after the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. Kidnapping Children under the guise of “helping the children.” What were they doing with the children?
  2. Leprosy was tied to the small pox vaccination. Those who got leprosy…had also received the small pox vaccine.
    This happened in the 1800s!!
    Were they purposely vaccinating people, so that they could in turn send them away to Molokai…and in turn take their children for nefarious purposes?
  3. A portrait of St Damien hangs on the wall of the only historic building that survived the Lahaina fire…Maria Lanakila Catholic Church. They worship him.
    St Damien worked on Molokai with the lepers for 9 years. What was he really doing on the island of Molokai?

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