Howdy ya’ll. Welcome back. Today we’re going to take a deep dive into a piece of Old World Technology which I have never seen discussed before. This cutting edge piece of equipment quickly transformed the Old World, seemingly being a key piece to construction, yet, according to the current narrative, this vehicle was used primarily for “entertainment” by the hundreds of Showmen of the 19th century.

Today we will look at The Showman’s Secret Engine, also known as The Showman’s Portable Dynamo. This steam powered vehicle, a close relative of Steam Traction Engines, was used primarily by circuses, where the Showman’s Engine, or Locomotive, would be used to provide seemingly limitless electricity, not only to every light of the circus, but also to every ride. The Showman’s Locomotive pre-dates gasoline street automobiles by nearly 40 years or more.

Quite simply, these superior and advanced pieces of technology, portable steam powered dynamos, transformed the way the public perceived electricity. But could this vehicle have an ulterior history, one seldom discussed today?

Let’s take a look through some prime examples of the Showman’s Secret Engine while discussing the current narrative history.

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