The people in the crowd, these politicians and the people participating in the parade are all pedo grooming bastards. Prove me wrong people prove me wrong. There are so many kids on the sides and their so called parents/guardians just cheer this crap on. The reason is because they are all Pedos and want this type of behavior to be normalized like they did with gay and lesbians. Don’t get me wrong I give a literal shit what you do in your life gay, trans, cross dressing, lesbian, or what ever.

In fact two of my closest friends in high school were gay. We went on a road trip together for three days lol. No one said a word about being gay or straight or was awkward in anyway. In fact I spent the weekend on a house by the one father owned about 2.5 hours from our homes. We had a blast being friends and no one brought up anything. We chatted about all sorts of stupid things. We went with a few girls another weekend all together. It was a flipping blast friends messing around diving off the top of the boat. Talking about the lake and grilling food.

So if anyone were to say I am gay phobic or what ever they can screw themselves lol. I am a very straight man who had gay friends and gave two shits if they were gay or not. And visa versa they gave two shits if I was straight. I also must say knowing these two guys I can say they would never want this kind of behavior to come about. Gay people be gay, straight people be straight just be respectful and keep the children out of this and things will be great.

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