Children Smiling

The UN and California want to decriminalize sex with children. What can possibly be a good reason to have sex with a child? What kind of sick bastard would want to have sex with a child? Oh I know a pedophile. This is part of the agenda people. Depopulate, sterilize, enslave, and incubate babies in a machine that are genetically modified to do their bidding.

Stick with me on this. Think close in history what it used to be like and how it is today. Why are there so many diseases? Why are so many people afflicted by these so called diseases? Where did these suddenly come from? Who is in charge of the CDC during this rise? What could be the root cause of all this unhealthiness?

Once you start to answer these questions you will then see why they want to have sex with children. All of these goals are to weaken people more than they already have. They want slaves to the core. They want you to be there for their bidding and nothing else. Watch the movie Elysium. It portrays how these so called elites want to world to be like. You are stuck in a rotten little city with no way to grow your own food. No way to get clean water except what is provided. No way to get out of the situation even if you try and run away there will be nothing edible around anywhere. You will be stuck meeting quotas for what ever they want you to do otherwise you don’t get your rations and water which is poisoned to keep you dumbed down and week.

The pedophilia is just a game to them. They feel the more they harm children the more they can make you feel pushed down. The more God is pushed down. This is why they pushed abortion so hard for decades upon decades and lied a massively great well planned well publicized lie to get it past in the supreme court. They want terrible things done to the most innocent because it damages your soul more and your goodness more. Since this is their goal they are happy to achieve their goals by sexual activities with children, sacrificing the children to Baal and the their Baphomet god. Just think about it and read the Bible about the Baphomet and Baal. You will understand then.

UN-linked report calls for decriminalization of all sexual activity, says children can consent to sex

New California bill would lower penalties for adults who have sexual relations with a minor

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