Vaccine ShotVaccine Shot

You think this might be caused by the so called vaccine. You know the vaccine that contains MRNA, Graphine, and other harmful ingredients. No thing see here. Nothing to worry about either. Just don’t run your heartbeat above 80 or 90 and you will be fine. Don’t forget about not going on a plane trip either. Driving might be a bad idea as well.

Just imagine truck drivers suddenly dropping dead at the wheel like the pilots are. Imagine politicians suddenly falling dead, oh wait they knew not to take it in the first place. Are you pissed off yet? Are you awake yet? Do you understand and see the agenda they want? In case you don’t it is a depopulation agenda so their power will be 100 percent unchallenged by the peasants. The NWO is the final goal for these unelected wanna be leaders. These people are the ones who are really in charge. They own everything including all the governments at all levels.

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