Death For PedophilesDeath For Pedophiles

This is a touchy subject for sure. No one wants to hear about children being taken advantage of like this or worse. No one wants this. The problem lies in the fact that people don’t know and understand this is happening and to what extent.

You never knew to what extent until Trump got into office. You never heard of busts of pedo rings, child traffickers, and other high crimes until Trump. He made it one of the biggest efforts of his administration.

The media never gave any attention to all these busts. Do you know the reason why? The reason is because they are all involved in one way or another in these dark crimes. They don’t want people to be aware of these and to know and understand the signs of child trafficking.

These people that clearly hide these crimes are involved in different ways. The either participate in the trafficking making money off the misery of the children. They may also participate in these horrifically sick disgusting acts. They cover up for power friends. They are blackmailed into this. It is part of their sick Satanic Rituals and religion. And many other reason.

If you are aware of the prevalence of these actions you would think twice about all sorts of situations you would never take a second look at that may be strange. Now you are aware and know what these people look like, how they act, and other details of the like you can prevent things from happening. You can prevent an abduction.

You can prevent further harm to a child by noticing the signs. You can see a place that looks all “normal” but there is some detail that shows something needs investigating. Just think about how far 40 to 50 percent of the world being educated and taking action to save the children. These are innocent children for F$CK sake. None of them deserve this in any way.

Wake up people and smell the sickness festering right under your nose. Take some knowledge and get rid of the rot in this world. Take some initiative to learn how to prevent these things from happening and continuing to happen. As a famous spokes bear said once knowledge is power and thus you must use it for good.

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