All flights cancelled arrival board at the airportAll flights cancelled arrival board at the airport

Air travel has been a total shit show since the airlines mandated the jab on their pilots. The problem comes into play that all the pilots that have the jab cannot not legally fly according to the FAA rules and regulations for pilots licenses. Besides the fact so many of them are dying in the air from sudden blood clots and other problem arising from the jab.

Between having so many pilots that cannot fly and that pilots have a maximum number of hours they can fly in a row make the situation very horrible for a busy time of year. This would have never been a problem ever. Some people claim it has something to do with antiquated software that is to blame.

I call bull shit. I develop software for a living. If the software was a problem then it would have been a problem when things really got out of hand before when there were so many more flights. This is a cover up for the massive loss in capable pilots.

This same problem plagues all the other airlines as well. No matter how these are ran in a hub or not they will all have or do have this problem. It just has hit Southwest the hardest lately. Frontier, Spirit, Delta, and the rest all have delays and cancellations going on for a very long time. The precipitous was never hit because the travel demand was not that large.

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