The Illuminati and thee Freemason have been telling us directly what their plans are. We fall for the idea that this is a possible future or that it will never happen. The idea is to lull people slowly into a slumber of disbelief. This way when things come true, you know the horrible things it will be not a surprise and the people will do almost nothing about it. They will think it is a normal thing.

Stop falling for this trick. Because all it is is a magic trick called deflection. Just make them look at other things instead of the truly evil thing they are doing. Give them bread and entertainment and they will never know the evils you are doing. This is the oldest trick in the book so stop falling for it.

Shake yourself out of this slumber and get learning. If the you know the evil you can prevent the evil. This includes child trafficking, sex trafficking, drugs, and anything else they dream up. If you saw your child smacking another child for no reason just because would you just sit there and let them continue? Would you encourage them to continue or even do worse? So if you would not let your child do this to others or another child do it to your then stop allowing these evil bastards get away with everything.

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