We have been reporting on the Balenciaga story several times in the past month or so. This is a must see and understand story. The subject is repulsive but you cannot stick your head in the sand. This is how this has become a mainstream trend. The perpetrators of pedophilia are getting with their crimes against humanity and trying to make it a normal thing. They want things to be normal so they can do the sick and disgusting things in the open, right in front of your face.

Just like when they tried in the 70’s to make naked children in Playboy normal. You know the several times they took and published naked images of young girls like Brook Shields and one more I forgot her name. People said hardly anything about this. Playboy should have been driven out of business but it only got stringer and more popular. What the hell does that say seriously?

If these companies and people are allowed to make pedophilia or MAP a thing that just is and something that should never be done the you might as well allow people to walk down the street and murder someone with no consequences. Allow men and women to beat on each other, kill, and what ever they want. What the hell would be the difference, let it all go free?

This cannot be allowed to happen. These people ,must be held responsible for their actions and attempts at making this type of crime normal and OK in society. They must ALL be sent to jail and or executed for their crimes. There must not be any exceptions of any kind.

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