What is the purpose of the redefinition of a woman? Think to yourself what this really mean. Ask your friends what a woman is. Get their thoughts on it. Why would people pause when they start to define a woman? Oh I know because the fear is in them to not offend anyone.

Well who gives a literal shit. Define a woman how a woman has always been. There is not other way to describe of define a woman. Since these woke ass people are redefining a woman then they are taking the power away from the woman they said they were really were pushing for. You know abortion, working, the glass ceiling, and more.

This is all a push to dismantle the nuclear family. Once there is no family then the people are weaker and stupider and do not think for themselves. Stop falling for this nonsense and wake the hell up to see what they are really doing.

These people are succeeding in turning the nuclear family upside down and making it disappear. They started with the women’s liberation movement. Now I am not saying that women had it hard at times but so did men. Men did all the dangerous stuff and you never heard a man scream men’s rights. That is because we as men would never state such a thing.

These sick bastards push the emotional buttons of women to make them do their bidding. Destroy the family, Divorce is normal. Marriage is a distant past horrific ritual that was abolished. Have babies from multiple fathers and make sure they are not around because they are toxic to everyone.

Breathe in deep at the independence these people pushed onto you where you only find out you are alone and the human race is dying. All the while the elites are laughing at you sheeple working away doing their bidding because you are controlled by them.

There are not enough of you to fight back. You no longer have the power to do anything about your situation. You cannot grow your own food. You cannot make your own babies. You cannot teach your children. You cannot do anything with out the elites permission.

You die doing meaningless work that only helps the elites. You work in a blur of nothingness because you gave it all away. You stopped thinking for yourself. You allowed the fearmongering to push you into doing things against your very being. You allowed the manipulation of your family and friends because you pushed their agenda because you fell for the fear.

I hope you see where they have pushed society to. I hope you see where we as a society need to come away from. We need to go back to the old ways of doing things. We need to stop being so selfish, because this is a learned behavior.

You never see a newborn want to kill, steel, hide, lie, manipulate, or any of the other abhorrent behaviors the sick evil elites push you to learn. This is because it is not in our nature to be this way. We are not born to be this way. It is not society that makes this it is the policies and pushing of the elites in the media, pro sports, government, judges, lawyers, and more.

So in a concise sentence. Stop falling for the bull shit and think for yourself. Take a breathe, step back and pause. Look what has become of so many humans. We are beautiful beings of light. Stop allowing the darkness penetrate your shiny inner being. Wake up and spread the word.

Literally 1984: Cambridge Dictionary Adds New Definition of ‘Woman’

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