This subject may bother you but I think you should stop being a pansy and really look at what has been allowed to propagate in this world. You and everyone else are responsible for allowing this to happen and continue to happen. Satan, Bal, The Baphomet, and their worshipers care nothing for you and you family.

They in fact want you victims of what ever evil scheme they deem you are in store for. The ultimate goal is sacrifice to their god, whether it is children or you. I suggest you look back at previous articles regarding the Free Masons, Satan Worshipers, the pope, and more. We have been talking about this for quite some time. Comment below we love hearing from you.

Cannibal couple ate women’s flesh to ‘preserve their youth’: Cops

Jill Biden Encourages Radical Teachers and Student Indoctrination: “Our Schools are Where Policies Become People”

‘Zombie Debt’: Homeowners face foreclosure on old mortgages

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