Women walking in mall with shopping bags

We are a selfish society no doubt about that. If you talk to anyone they will say the same thing. But we as people were really never like this. This type of behavior was taught and pushed onto us so we would buy more stuff from the people who made it.

Then these same people who figured out how to make people only think of themselves made their goods have a shelf life, a time limit, a designated usage amount, or just plane planned obsolescent.

We have reported on the famous documentary about the light bulb. And that the manufacturers were in a literal racket to limit the time a bulb can be used. These companies were audited and made to pay huge fines if they didn’t keep with the program and make light bulbs last 1500 hours or so depending on the agreement at the time.

Well the following documentaries tell the story on how these same companies pushed a new way of thinking for society in order to sell more. This is some serious accusations that can be proven and have been proven. The videos show the whole process that entailed so many people at so many levels it will blow your mind. Enjoy and comment what you find out and what you think.

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