Self Sufficiency

It is our duty to our families and even our country to learn how to be self sufficient. Why do I say this? It is because we have been pushed to rely way too much on the over arching government. Giving them power over all aspects of our lives. We have lost so many freedoms and capabilities over the years.

If you look at how much the government does for you and you start to realize how absolutely corrupt the government really is it should make you sick to your stomach. I for one cannot stand where things have gone. I have always been a bit weary of how much control the Federal government has over us and how the politicians continually commit treasonous acts by going against the constitution. And worse of all how long they were allowed to get away with this.

Please look back at our previous articles on self sufficiency and growing your own food. It is pretty easy actually. Once you practice a bit things will get better. These videos, pdf’s, and images will help you on your journey. They sure are helping me. Look forward to more articles of this type in the future. We will have natural cures for all sorts of ailments and more to learn from.

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