Go figure folks the triumphant Tesla is vindicated for his amazing research and proved to be a real genius. He knew about so many things including loads of patents he was just going to give to the people. If he did this the rich could not stay rich and get richer and keep and gain power. So he had to be dealt with and they did such a great job with it. The media went right along with this all the way back then. This means the media has been bought for a very very long time.

What is going to happen now is these people who made this rediscovery will disappear and so will all the information regarding this. This will disappear just like the rest of the amazing inventions and discoveries in the past. The people who create something that will massively help ordinary people and strip power from these rich people have been killed and their inventions along with themselves have been discredited and bashed in every way. This article might even disappear from this science website as well.

Researchers Just Wirelessly Transmitted Power Over 98 Feet of Thin Air

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