Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

This information is pretty explosive. The list of people are pretty interesting in the who is who list of so called Elites, which are really people in a sick cult. These people are in a sick Satanic cult and should never be called elites.

The articles give you a glimpse into the depravity. But the pdf gives you the list of the deprave that are Johns or clients or customers of this cult. We go back the same saying that these people are super sick. Where is the military tribunals for these people. They are coming soon if not already under way.

Jury finds Larry Ray guilty on all counts in Sarah Lawrence sex cult trial

Disturbing videos show accused ‘sex cult’ abuser Larry Ray tackling, pinning victim

Sarah Lawrence Sex ‘Cult’ Leader Convicted of 15 Crimes, Including Sex Trafficking and Extortion

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