This is interesting news. It may be good or it may be seriously bad. I think it will force people to look local for food and goods. I hope this is a protracted strike. We need trains and their service but wee rely on them way too much. We rely on things from else where too much.

This reliance has caused many problems and some of them are as follows. People have lost all available fathom of what it takes to manufacture something. People have lost their jobs by the factories being moved off shore. We wanted cheaper goods because we were sold globalism and no tariffs were a great idea.

MSM and government pushed the idea of globalism because we need to evolve as a country but behind our backs they were slowly choking us with every kind of federal take over possible trying to eliminate our rights one little chunk at a time.

Just take the previous list and imagine what other consequences have occurred from globalism and the NWO. Comment below if you agree and if you have more examples. I want the readers to think for themselves and tell everyone else their thoughts and experiences so this can get out to more and more people.

National railway strike APPROVED by locomotive union… all trains in America may HALT this coming Monday

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