Money and VaccinesMoney and Vaccines

Who saw this coming? I had confidence these people knew of the side effects and how horrible they really are. The surprise is for the sheeple.

These officials are going up for Nuremberg Code violations through a military tribunal. These people are going down big time. There will be no exceptions and no one will get away. Every single one of these sick bastards need to be rounded up and sent to tribunals everyone period. There cannot be a anyone they gets away. The reason is because this cannot happen again period. Life must become more pure and rid of all this sick evil.

These people have a WEF agenda in mind because they were all graduates of the WEF. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are in play and have been in play for quite a long time. These agendas have been interrupted and are becoming to the light to the sheeple and normies that still believe the government has the best interest for you. This is not true and it has not been true for more than one hundred years. This must change and in this change nothing of the old can survive. The sick corrupt people must be gone, jailed, executed, no matter what no exceptions period.

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