This is really horrible. These kids following this idiot will suffer greatly. The depletion of oxygen in their bodies will be much lower and brain damage may occur. It only makes sense that this is a horrifically horrible idea. Wokism is going too far again.

This teacher is either seriously brainwashed or just someone that is going along with the plan. If he was going along with the overall plan he needs to be charged with crimes against humanity. This is seriously unreal if he is not the brainwashing goes seriously deep.

I just don’t fathom why the parents of these children have not figured out yet this is not a good idea. I just cannot believe how brainwashed these people really are. And if they know then they should be charged with crimes against humanity.

If these people are truly brainwashed the brainwashing goes seriously deep. They will do anything to obey the government and media. They have no inkling of an idea that the government and media have no desire to help you and keep you safe and want the best for you. They just cannot imagine this is a possibility. Even people who claim to be suspect still think the government truly has your best interest in mind. How do we unbrainwash these people? Because if we cannot this kind of shit will happen again.

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