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This kind of thing happening on such a large scale is surely not a good sign. This means the crash is coming and it is going to be massive. I really think this is going to hit loads of people unaware of anything coming.

After all the MSM will never tell you the truth and the real picture unless it benefits them. It has always been that way. Our illustrious politicians will never tell you what is going on. The Fed will blow smoke up your arse before admitting their short comings (which are on purpose).

I say we put these politicians in chains for going against the constitution they swore an oath to protect. They never protect it and never will because we have no teeth as a society. We need to get back to tarring and feathering these bastards. Put their ass on the fire when they oppose the constitution and our wishes. We will see what happens then.

‘It’s almost unbelievable’: People are having their job offers rescinded days before they start

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