Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

Children are stolen everyday. We just reported on an 11 year boy who got away from a kidnapper. But these poor girls were stolen and forced to have babies to well and other unsorted things. These poor girls were raped repeatedly by these sick mother f&ckers.

There is no exception, everyone of these people will be sent to military tribunal and then executed. I wish they were taken out for a long torturous death by the local beating them to death with what ever they want. These people need to be placed onto a stock and allowed to be accosted by dogs, locals, and whom ever feels like driving to their locations.

This is some seriously sick stuff and it only is the tip of the spear. This sounds terrible because it really is. These people are so sick and depraved there is no way they can stay alive from their crimes against humanity.

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