Why pray tell do you think the WHO is trying to rename this disease? Oh I know to hide what it really is. To make it look like something new. These people are genius marketers after all they have been redefining things, events, diseases, poverty, and what ever else that pushes their agendas.

And take this note these people will surely make it look like a new thing and try and cause fear. The more fear they cause the more control they get. So flipping stop falling for their games. This is just another attempt to grab and keep power.

Watch them parade some shit head so called expert (paid shill) to spew some garbage that will make it look like you need another drug, vaccine, or what ever else they think they can depopulate your asses with. Make this clear this is yet another depopulation agenda. This is just another word salad for this agenda. Because if there are less people in the world then they can control you way easier no matter what you think you can do.

You will never out number them because you will be sterilized because you took the jab, drug, or what ever you were expected to take. Once they get this power they will push more drugs and measures to depopulate and control you. you will not be allowed back to work, outside, shopping for food, water in your house, and anything else they feel they want to control.

Just stop falling for their crap. Stop getting tested for this bull shit COVID. Don’t even think about getting another shot for anything period. Get sick then get better. That is and has always been the best way to get over things and over time have a less chance of getting sick again. Drugs help kick your immune system into action when you are having trouble getting over the sickness. Do not rely on anything except your own immune system.

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